Tanjore Painting Process in Chennai No.❶ Tanjore Painting Process in Chennai
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Our CoursesWe Conduct Classes On Glass Painting, Fabric Painting, Tailoring, Cutting, Embroidery, Bandhni, Batik, Decoupage,Origami, Quilling, Alpana, Broken Glass Mural, Cone Painting, Clay Mural, Canvas Painting, Calligraphy, Envelope Making, Emboss Painting, Foil Painting, Glass Etching/frosting, Gift Packing, Hand Knitting, Ice-cream Stick Crafts, Nib Painting, Pot Designing, Photo Table, Photo Frame, Perfume Making, Paper Making, Pot-pouri, Puja Thali, Punch Craft, Parchment, Quilling, Rajasthani Painting, Rangoli, Rakhee Making, Sand Painting, Shell Craft, Statue Making, Soft Toys, Stencil Printing, Spray Painting, Straw Painting, Tanjore, and more...


  •    Beginners sewing machine
  •    Day to day beginners sewing
  •    Making small items
  •    Fashion design and making clothes from scratch
  •    Sewing repairs and alterations


  •    Partnering With Parents
  •    Individual Coaching On Demand
  •    Personalized Tutoring
  •    Counseling Facilities For Students
  •    Coaching With Experienced

Where Do We Start

You only have to know one thing that you can learn anything. Remove the roadblocks that stop you from building your Skills in Painting and Tailoring.

Not earning enough? Want to be your own boss? Step up your knowledge and skills by enrolling on any of course topics.If you’ve ever wanted to design and create your own outfits but didn’t know where to begin, then this course is tailor made for you.Each of us are blessed with some special talent,be it for sports,studies or some creative skills like designing and painting.We is convinced that each and everyone has potential to shine somewhere in something at sometime.

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